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Regaining control over budgets, reducing processing costs, compliance, visibility of commitments

How do your budget holders know if the next purchase order they sign will take them over their budget?

These budget holders may be conscientiously recording their orders on a spreadsheet and tracking the progress manually to control their budget spend, as they don’t feel their periodic management accounts keep them sufficiently up to date. If they are, they are using up a lot of their management time which could be better spent managing.

They may sign paper purchase orders without having a clear idea of whether this order will take them over their budget.
They may not have official purchase orders, allowing staff to order goods and services over the phone or web on the suppliers’ terms.

Without a simple to use web based purchase ordering system linked in to your copy of Sun Accounts, your managers and purchase ledger team are spending too much effort in controlling and processing purchases.

Phillip Hunter can assist you implement a procurement/ purchase order processing/ purchase to pay system. He specialises in IPOS from Professional Advantage and can advise on enhancing its use, provide training, documentation and manage the project.

Please contact him for further details.

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