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FRS102 and Component Accounting set up

Phillip Hunter has set up several Sun fixed asset registers to hold housing asset components to comply with the SORP. These have been modified to deal with the separate amortisation of grant.

New Procurement system project

Phillip Hunter is helping a major RSL implement IPOS 6 as their new procurement system. This project went live on the projected date and phase 2 to link in to the responsive repairs system is currently under way.

Sun 6.2 upgrade

Phillip Hunter has successfully upgraded Sun from 5.4 to 6.2 at a major RSL.

Sun and Ipos set up

Phillip Hunter has implemented Sun 6.1 and subsequently IPOS at a London based RSL. Financial transactions and static data were extracted from QL Financials to set up Sun. Interfaces to the rents system into Sun and from the responsive repairs system into IPOS were set up.

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